Sagittarius Season Outlook 2019

Happy Sagittarius Season to all - especially for all my Sag Placement babes!

It truly is a joyous time as Mercury comes out of retrograde and releases us from the grip of confusion, tech trouble, and clutter!

Sagittarius is our most mature fire sign (Ha!), running from November 22nd until the Winter Solstice on December 21st!

So what are the cosmic headlines for this season?

Venus & Jupiter Alight in the Center of the Milky Way (Nov 19th-24th)

This placement of Venus and Jupiter will have all signs feeling a higher vibration and charge. Take this time to focus on awakening yourself deeper as well as opening up to sending and receiving compassion and love.

Mars will be opposing Uranus (Nov 21-24)

Technically, Mars and Uranus will not be in the position to oppose each other until the 24th, but all signs will begin to feel the tension before then. This will be the time when we should tap into the energy from Venus and Jupiter and find new ways of doing things through love and compassion.

The Saturn and Pluto Conjunction Fun-ction.

Have you heard that Pluto is a planet again? (Yay!)

January 2020 is when this powerful conjunction truly comes into play, but the reverberations are already taking place. This dynamic duo is going to tear down old walls and set the arrow in a new direction. However, its placement in Scorpio may make everything feel like a challenge. Leading to irritation, frustration, and feeling fed up! But these emotions will not be without reward as personally, politically and fiscal change is the result!


If you keep yourself open to love then love you shall receive this season. I’m not sensing a happily ever after- but certainly someone fun to keep you warm over the winter months.


Major change is coming. But it is not here right now. Get your work done and stay in the positive light of the workplace for just a little longer. Get your ducks in a row B-!


Don’t lose the motivation to stay moving this holiday season. You will regret it come January if you put your health to the side.


You’re going to feel that fire this season. Do not fall victim to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Instead, use that energy towards positivity and having a blissful Sagittarius season!

This Holiday Season...

Be Light!

Be Merry!

Be Blessed!

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