How To Celebrate Change.

Originally Posted 04.17.2017

Starting a new chapter in your life can be scary and bring up all sorts of insecurities.

Why do we naturally expect the worst?

Why don’t we push aside all thoughts of self-doubt,concern for the unknown, and instead celebrate the start our new adventures?! Let's be confident in ourselves, take action to better our lives, and invest in creating the best possible outcome.  

This whole month I am focusing on new beginnings- Personally, I am facing a new beginnings in both my professional and personal life. Most notably in my professional life as I resigned from my position as an editor for SKORCH Magazine last week. I have been with the magazine since I was 19. Now as I start my professional life post SKORCH Magazine I am choosing to CELEBRATE this new adventure!

I will not allow my insecurities, and the unknown stop me from making the future awesome!

Below is a video where I discuss in-depth my thoughts, and tips to coping and celebrating new beginnings! We all deserve the opportunity to achieve our own personal greatness, and I hope that this video can help inspire some of the greatness that lives within you!

Check Out My Video Here:





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