Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Originally Posted: 04.03.17

This time a year ago, I was preparing to participate in two college level shark tank business competitions. I was pitching my idea of a body positive empowerment website called “The Plus Side Party”. This website was a concept I had created with the hopefulness that it would help individuals to learn how to celebrate their worth. Looking back now I was hasty in jumping into such tremendous project. I was responsible for promoting not only my own body positive stories but others as well. I had no team to run this website while also being responsible for my ‘Terr Cacilia’ accounts, my job with SKORCH Magazine, and being a full time college student. The decision to go through a re-brand however has truly been a long time coming far before the creation of “The Plus Side Party”. Partially because I have been in the awkward transitional phase of taking my YouTube/blogging from hobby to career, and in part because I had stopped being authentically myself a while ago! Now I am acting unapologetically as my most authentic self and I am ready to share this with the world.

It was a massive struggle to get to this authentic version of myself. Previously I had become obsessed with my followers, subscribers, and views. By the day, I was increasingly growing more frustrated because I wasn’t where I felt I should be. My blessing in disguise came during the recovery after my car accident about 10 months ago, recovering stripped away every piece of me until I was completely raw. I did not know who I was physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Now I have begun to grow back pieces of myself that I had lost over the last few years, and while I know it is cliché to say but, this accident truly did make me recognize that life is short and we have got to make the best of it. When the worst levels of brain and pain fog started to lift I began to think about what I actually cared about. The two recurring ideas I had were the bonding of style & spirituality-then in those moments I knew I was meant to help others to thrive in their personal style and expression of spirituality.

“Feel good on the inside, look good on the outside.”

Point blank you cannot be fully successful in life with a starving spirit, and that’s where I feel this concept comes in. To be successful in the physical sense is great, but to have successful in the spiritual sense-now that’s impressive. This new platform not only gives me a chance to share my passion for style and spirituality it also gives me an opportunity to share my experiences as a Psychic Medium.

I have been having ‘experiences’ and interacting with spirit since I was 2/3 years old. Having begun giving readings, and becoming more settled in my faith has guided me to be more open with sharing this ability with others. Passing along messages from our loved ones has truly becoming one of the best experiences in my life, as well as helping stagnant spirits through their deaths, and onward to the beyond.

To sum up what you can expect on this website, and across my social media going forward is “Weekly Focus’s” where I will post about topics in our lives where we all could use more “focus” in order to better ourselves, Facebook and Instagram live streams, “Weekly Affirmations”, as well as style and lifestyle posts. This website will be the center of where I intend to grow my style and spirit to its best form. Below is the video I filmed discussing this new beginning.

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